Sunday, January 05, 2020

Air Chathams Convair

The General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/580 [no wonder everyone just calls it a Convair!] is one of the types of aircraft I have not yet flown on, but would very much like to.

Time is, unfortunately, running out, as I hear that they will not be used for much longer than another year or so. With Air Chathams starting to use SAAB 340's and ATR72's and the recent parking out and disposal of another Convair, that is perhaps little surprise. I have been inside one before when it was parked up at Whanganui, where legroom was amazing!

Anyway, here is ZK-CIB departing from Wellington.

General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/580, ZK-CIB, operated by Air Chathams

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Anonymous said...

You will not be disappointed if you do , leg room and cabin service provided by Air Chathams is amazing.