Monday, January 03, 2022

Monday's big adventure

Guess where I got to this time?

Over to Masterton first thing Monday morning [well, a 10:15 arrival is close to first thing, right??] 😀

Piper PA38-112, ZK-JBX, operated by Wairarapa Aero Club

Today's little rocket was Wellington Aero Club's Cessna 172N, ZK-EKE.

Cessna 172N, ZK-EKE, operated by Wellington Aero Club

Following this I headed in the other direction - back south, past Wellington, across Cook Strait to Kaikoura. Home of the best seafood and whale watching available in New Zealand. If you do want to do some whale watching, best to do it with Air Kaikoura. You'll probably see more of these 🐳 and spend less time wondering where they are hiding!

The scenery on the way down is pretty awesome also. 

Just after take-off, on the way home and here is one of the most recognisable photos of Kaikoura - the peninsula. This would have to be a great place to live!

Kaikoura peninsula

What else happened? With two crossings of Cook Strait, I made good use of the radar monitoring service provided by Airways NZ, and I reacquainted myself with the benefits of tuning into Christchurch Information to update my SARTIME [this is the time they start searching for me...] and my flight plan when the route home changed.

Another 3.2 hours of fun in the air and about 7.5 hours for the year so far. It has been an expensive start to the year! I might have to stay on the ground for a couple of days, although it is looking nice on Saturday...

The route... planned vs actual.

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