Thursday, June 29, 2006

Auckland Aero Club

Here's a few pictures from Auckland Aero Club [AAC]. This is where I spent the past few years flying [prior to moving to Wellington]. As you can see, the weather was perfect! I was also the Club Captain at AAC for 3 years from Dec 2002 - Dec 2005.

Top to bottom, the photos are:

Auckland Aero Club clubhouse and apron
C172N ZK-JAZ in which I did most of my flying on my last visit
Grumman AA1C basic trainers - the core of the AAC fleet
PA28-140 Warrior ZK-CNI
PA28-200R Arrow II ZK-EBE [135kt cruise, retractable gear and CSU]

Auckland Aero Club, based at ArdmoreC172N ZK-JAZGrumman AA1C trainersPA28-140 Warrior ZK-CNIPA28-200R Arrow II ZK-EBE


Gavin said...

The mighty CNI!

Some great shots on here Rodney!

Rodney said...

Yeah, it's a beast!

-Stronger than steel [?]!

-Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound [sorta]!

-Defender of all things good [I really must be nuts!]!

Fun to fly though :-) Thanks for the compliment! More photos to come in the next few days. Another set from Ardmore, then a whole heap from Auckland International.

Gavin said...

Sounds good lol!

CNI - Faster than a speeding Tecnam??

Rodney said...

hmmmmmmm... not sure about that :-(