Monday, June 05, 2006

Now with VIDEO!

I came across a Blogspot Blog yesterday, and it had video on it. A bit of poking around and I worked out how to do it for myself. I'm using my Olympus Digital Camera, so it's VERY basic quality.

My first video [below] is pretty basic. Just a Dash-8 landing at Wellington Airport. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing hard [hard to believe for Wellington!!! ha ha ha] and I had no tripod, so it's pretty shaky. We'll see how they improve in the next few weeks.



Gavin said...

Excellent vantage point!

Rodney said...

Yes it is :-) It's the usual place a take photos from when aircraft are using rwy 16.

You'll have to come down some time and I'll show you around!

Now all I need is a decent digital video camera... Actually, the original movie looked much less pixelated than what is on the site. I think it gets converted to the flash animation or something.

Also, the original was around 20Mb [took ages to upload on Telecom's crappy "broadband"]. What comes down is much smaller.

Gavin said...

Yeah it probably would have reduced the quality to get the size down. PhotoBucket does the same thing with large images.

Seems like it's quite close to the runway, watching 737s from there any fun??

Rodney said...

The vantage point is elevated [approx 50-100 feet] and abeam the threshold for runway 16. In other words, PERFECT :-)

Gavin said...

Can't get much better than that :-)

Rodney said...

Yep - I've got 4 really good photo spots around the field and 1 or 2 other reasonable areas :-) Spoilt for choice [quite unlike Auckland]!