Saturday, April 26, 2008

RNZAF Iroquois formation into Wellington

I was out flying again today [mainly more FLWOP practice] and was monitoring the Christchurch Information frequency. I heard CHCH Info talking to a couple of RNZAF Iroquois pilots someone in the South Island [I'm not sure exactly where].

Later in the day, two Iroquois arrived at Wellington. I'm guessing the '03 and '16 were those two choppers. Here are three of the photos I managed to get. Unfortunately the approach was from the south, so the formation picture is a bit "distant".

RNZAF Iroquois helicoptersRNZAF Iroquois helicoptersRNZAF Iroquois helicopters


zkarj said...

'16 was also noted (and photographed at Wellington on Thursday. First heard on scanner over Avalon. Touchdown at 12:11 and departure at 12:22 to the south. This may have been involved in the ANZAC Day flypast in Christchurch.

Rodney said...

That could explain it :-)