Saturday, April 12, 2008

Superb Vans RV10

I spotted this superb Vans RV10 at Wellington earlier today.

ZK-RVT is classified as an "amateur built" aircraft, although the finish looks anything but amateur! I'm not sure of the specs, but it appears to have a big engine, a constant speed propeller, capacity for almost 300 litres of avgas, and several LCD panels in the cockpit. Oh yeah, and four comfortable looking seats. Have a look at the last picture and that wingtip lighting - LEDs will have very long life and low power consumption.

The most stunning part of the aircraft has to be the finish. Look at the paint job. Pity the fool that first gives this aircraft a scratch!

Vans RV10Vans RV10Vans RV10Vans RV10

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