Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wellington Aero Club open day

This is just a notice that the Wellington Aero Club will be having an open day this Saturday, 19 April 2008. We'll have a range of aircraft available, including all of our own fleet, plus visitors from Vincent Aviation, Air New Zealand, Lifeflight, the RNZAF and others.

If past events are anything to go by, this should be an excellent day and a fantastic opportunity for the community to come and see what we get up to and what we can offer.


Euan Kilgour said...

Right on the busiest weekend in Hamilton this year. Half of town is locked down for the V8 race so getting the airport is more a question of how than when. Not to mention the drought breaking weather we've had in the past couple of days. My pool has overflowed again and there is a lot of surface flooding around. Not sure the weather would be as good as it was for the Ohakea open day.

Have a good one mate.

Rodney said...

Yeah - the weather is looking to be a worry, but we'll see. Hopefully the worst fo it will have pastover us by Friday. Having said that I'm probably off to Christchurch for the day on Friday, so hopefully it's not too lumpy!

zkarj said...

Can you advise the opening hours for this event?

And can you please make it your mission to get WAC to get their web site up to date and ideally lose the yellow on white!

Rodney said...

Hello ZKARJ,

Public open hours for the event are 10am until 4pm. The AirNZ B737-300 is scheduled to be there 1-4pm.

As for the website, I have heard murmurings that indicate that a change is being looked at, but no timesframe or other details sorry. The yellow on white does need to go :-)