Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wellington Aero Club Open Day

Wellington Aero Club put on its two-yearly open day today. Unfortunately the weather was reasonably atrocious with very cold temperatures, wind and [earlier in the day] rain. This meant that a couple of aircraft could not make it, no scenic helicopter rides and less visitors [in the end we only had a few hundred people through].

Despite that, it was still a good day. As promised, Air New Zealand sent a B737-300 over for about 3 hours which was very welcome. This aircraft attracted a great deal of attention from those present, not only for the fact it had the heating switched on! Air New Zealand arranged for 2 pilots and 5 flight attendants to show people around. They also laid on muffins and other food, which was very welcome.

Here are some pictures of the Boeing including a closeup on the Holidays titles and the instrument panel. Later posts will cover the other aircraft and visitors present.

Air New Zealand B737-300Air New Zealand B737-300Air New Zealand B737-300Air New Zealand B737-300 instrument panel


Chris Nielsen said...

Oh for crying out loud! I was in Wellington on Saturday and knew nothing about this event! Argghh!!!

Rodney said...

Chris! Argghh!!! Next time you're in town, phone me! :-)

Chris Nielsen said...

Didn't think about it dude... Was only in town for about 4 hours anyway - drove down for Armageddon and had to make a hasty exit to get back while the caffeine was still working :)

Rodney said...

You have this thing about driving long distances for short visits to places... :-) OK, well maybe next time mate!