Sunday, August 03, 2008

Skyline Aviation Beech B200C Air Ambulance

The following are pictures of a Beech B200C, registered to Skyline Aviation of a Hastings address. ZK-PLK is equipped as an air ambulance, and on arrival it appears that two people were taken out of the back, and maybe a single patient was put on a few hours later as it left.

The aircraft itself is a beautiful example. It was first on to the New Zealand register in April 2008 [having previously been on the US register]. The rear left of the fuselage has an embedded airstair door within the cargo sized door, making it easy to load and unload people on stretchers.

In the second photo, the red/silver coloured device is used to lift people in and out of the aircraft.

Enjoy the photos!

Skyline Aviation Beech B200C ZK-PLKSkyline Aviation Beech B200C ZK-PLKSkyline Aviation Beech B200C ZK-PLK

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