Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cessna visitor to Wellington

Here's a picture of a Cessna 172N. ZK-KVB is registered to a Christchurch address [I believe that it may be based at Wigram]. Apparently they have been stuck at Wellington due weather for a few days.

They managed to get off today heading north to Palmerston North.

Cessna 172N ZK-KVB


Johno said...

I remember KVB really well I got my 172 rating in it back in 1994/5 when it was owned and registered with United Aviation Ltd in Palmerston North. Love the new paint job on it, it had red stripes back then. Wonder if it still runs rough

Rob Hoult said...

KVB has been operated by the Christchurch Flying School, based at Wigram, for a year or two. I've flown it a few times (generally when I can't get my hands on another 172, SBK, which is a P model operated by the canterbury Aero Club.

KVB is a N model, and has 160hp up front. Its always run pretty well more me, and yes, the paint job and interior are nice. In fact, this is a very slick aircraft - it lands real slow and just seems to float, and float, and float. It lands arount 5 knots slower than other 172 I have flown.