Saturday, September 03, 2011

Europe Trip 2011 #5: BMI from London Heathrow

After a week in London [making a pretense at] babysitting the world's best looking and behaved infant [apologies to the rest of you who think your little darlings are best! Maybe I'm a little biased? :-)], I left London for a week in Berlin. 

The flight was on BMI [British Midland International], a subsidiary of Lufthansa, and was on an Airbus A319. The schedule called for a 14:40 departure, but with a delay in the catering [would you believe they told us that the catering truck broke down as it entered the airfield!!] and a massive airways delay, we got going about an hour later.

Unbelievably, even though my ticket amounted to only GBP14.50 plus about GBP34 in taxes, I got served a "meal", which consisted of some sort of wrap [actually quite nice] and a drink [they only had one type of beer, just as well it was Corona and not some dodgy British brew...]. All this with around 1 hr 20 mins in the air. Ok, so they didn't make any money on me, but they must have made some money out of some of the other passengers [the people sitting next to me paid around GBP24 plus taxes - still very cheap!]!

Anyway, a couple of photos. Nothing of the aircraft I was on, but a BMI Airbus A321-231, G-MEDM and a Lufthansa Airbus A320-211, D-AIQH at London Heathrow [ICAO: EGLL]. Nothing from Tegel airport [EDDT] unfortunately.

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