Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not so nice today...

The weather was a little dodgy today, so no VFR flying at the club today. It seems this might be a fairly typical spring, with variable weather [that is, varying between ok and awful :-)], especially on the weekends!

A couple of interesting aircraft today. The first was a British Aerospace BAe 146 Series 200, ZK-ECO, operated by Vincent Aviation. The aircraft was being turned around due to a wind change, and as you can see, it was raining quiet heavily.

The second is an American registered Beechcraft G58 Baron, N254F, registered to a company called "Kiwi Lion LLC". A quick bit of research indicates that this aircraft may either be based in New Zealand, or at least a regular visitor, with photos found of the aircraft in New Zealand in January and March 2010. It has been in Wellington for a few days - perhaps associated with the Rugby World Cup [Go the All Blacks]?

The last is a Piper PA28-180, ZK-SNE, which seems to delight in arriving and departing Wellington with various people when the weather is borderline VFR [and the local aircraft are tucked up safe and warm]. Crazy.


Allister said...

Good to see Vincent expanding the fleet with a variety of types.

I fondly remember my Ansett NZ flights in the 146. Particularly one peak afternoon flight back from Auckland when we were served 'ice cream moro bars'. It was the first flight to have them. Hopefully future flights got the benefit of our experience and they were not served rock hard from being in the dry ice for too long!

Rodney said...

Gidday Allister,

Yeah, I flew on Ansett BAe146's a twice. Quite a novelty being in a small 4 engined aircraft flying domestic routes. I don't recall getting an icecream though :-)



QW said...

The Baron 58 you are referring to is based at Ardmore.

More details can be found on the blog I run

Rodney said...

Thanks QW!