Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Here comes the weather!

For the past week [at least until today] we have experienced some really nice weather. Generally high cloud [if much at all], and good temperatures... I thought our long overdue summer had [finally] arrived. Saturday was fine everywhere except for a bit of low cloud hanging around the Wellington hills, but was great for the trip up to the RNZAF 75th Anniversary airshow, and it was looking similar on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon however saw the sea fog [meteorologists can correct me on this :-)] roll in, which was a bit of a hassle given that some of our aircraft had just gone flying... all back safe and sound though and lots of big "blue clouds" in between the white ones.

The following pictures give you a bit of an idea how it looked. Low flying cloud on the hills [100' AGL perhaps?] and then three pictures of an Air New Zealand Boeing 737-319 taking off. These images were taken just a few seconds apart.


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