Sunday, April 01, 2012

RNZAF 75th Airshow: Air NZ Boeing 777

The largest visitor to the airshow was a Boeing 777-319ER, ZK-OKQ, registered to Air New Zealand. As you can see, this is the "famous" all black aircraft. It was really good to get up close to an aircraft of this size, and to have a look through and around it!

The paint job really does look awesome up close, the engines are huge, and the cockpit looked great. Having said that, I'm not sure that I would ever want to travel on one. For a start, I'd likely be in economy. Business premier looked great, premium economy looked good, but regular old economy looked awful! 3-4-3 seating, extremely narrow isles, and what appeared to be a really tight pitch. Another reason to look around for the best price I suppose...

Anyway, apart from that, it is a very impressive aircraft. Enjoy the pictures!

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