Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Auckland Quick Visit Sep 2010 #7: Airbus A380

In the last of the Airbus pictures from Auckland, here are three pictures of an Emirates Airbus A380 on approach and landing.

This is one big aircraft, although that is not the reason I like these photos. Take a good look at the second and third pictures. These were taken 2 seconds apart. Apart from the fact that the spoilers have been deployed in the second photo, take a good look at the wings. In the second photo the wingtips are significantly lower, and the whole wing has quite a different shape.

As soon as those wings get "unloaded" they droop down noticeably - that might have been one incredible bit of engineering by itself. That is very impressive!

Anyway, enjoy the photos!


zkarj said...

I noticed the wing shape when I saw it in person also. I suspect the 787 will be the same, as I have seen pictures of it in flight where the wings seem to describe a circular arc in shape.

Anonymous said...

you wanna see it on rotate! great sight!