Saturday, February 19, 2011

Calibration, lighties and a big fence

It was a fairly quiet day at the airfield today. The weather was better this morning, but from late morning onwards there was a fair amount of low cloud hanging around which tended to curtail things. Another curtailing factor was an unannounced round of airfield navaid calibration.

The calibration is necessary to ensure that the approach aids are still functioning to the specified standards, but side effects include interruptions to other traffic [especially VFR flights like the aero club's flights!].

Anyway, the aircraft being used [pictured below] is a Vincent Aviation Jetstream J31, ZK-JSH, on behalf of the Airways Corporation of NZ.

Other aircraft from today include a Robinson R22 Beta, ZK-HHQ and registered to Heliflite of an Auckland address and a Piper PA18 Cub, ZK-BQY which is also registered to an Auckland address.

The last photo shows the new fence that has sprung up around the old aero club hanger which the the airport company [Wellington International Airport Ltd - WIAL] is preparing to demolish. A real shame...


Allister said...

I saw the Vincent Jetstream racing aorund the sky over Tawa several times today. He was going pretty fast! I guess he wanted to get out of your way sooner.

Also, while driving back from Waikanae around 1pm I saw a Robinson R22 - on a trailer, about to be driven south on SH1! That's a first for me.

Rodney said...

Hi Allister,

Yeah, they were not hanging around at all [time is money...]. The R22 on a trailer would be an interesting sight!



Anonymous said...

Isn't the 3rd photo a PA18 Piper Cub?

Rodney said...

Yeah, my bad :-(

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