Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake

By now most of you would have heard of the terrible earthquake which struck Christchurch city at 12:51pm on 22 February 2011. Unlike the September 2010 quake, this time there are numerous dead and injured. The full resources of this country [and many other countries] are mobilised to support the rescue and recovery efforts.

Big kudos to Air NZ for their response, putting on domestic B747 and B777 flights between Auckland and Christchurch, plus additional flights from other centres, and at very very cheap rates. Nice one AirNZ!

You will all have seen the carnage on various news websites, but for authorative information, I recommend the official Civil Defence website. This site provides regular updates, and the information is likely to be more accurate than from many other sources. It also provides information for those currently in Christchurch, and for those who wish to assist in some way. This includes financial donations through reputable organisations like Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the various banks.

The following photos are of an RNZAF Boeing 757-200, NZ7571, departing Wellington [having arrived about 30-40 minutes earlier]. A short time later NZ7572 also arrived and departed to/ from Christchurch. For more information on aircraft movements, MRC Aviation provides some information [certainly more and better information that I can provide].


Chris said...

And not to mention the awesome team of Air New Zealand ladies, who stayed at the Wellington Welfare Centre until midnight, to sort out connecting flights for people who got evacuated from Christchurch.

Stefan said...

I congratulate Air New Zealand for there wonderful effort and massive contribution they have made to help Christchurch. I will definitely fly Air New Zealand for my next trip away.
The 777-200 has also been flying into wellington which is good to see.

Richard said...

Here's one of the 757s down in CHC.

Airbridge between WLG and CHC was going full bore yesterday. Also at least one Iroquois is making trips between Nth Canterbury and Chch every 10-15 mins this weekend. Apparently running hot food to the rescue teams.