Sunday, February 28, 2016

Originair now using a Metroliner

As has been reported elsewhere [like here...], Air Freight NZ has had some restrictions placed on its Air Operators Certificate which has resulted in them being unable to operate their Jetstreams on behalf of Originair. Before anyone asks, not, I do not know what has led to this, or any other information about the situation.

The response from Originair appears to have been to contract another company, Airwork Flight Operations, to conduct its flights using an Airwork Fairchild SA227-CC Metroliner instead. This aircraft has been operating for the last week or so, but this was the first day I had been able to take any [half decent] photographs.

I'm not sure of the history of this particular aircraft, although it looks as though it might have been operated by Airwork for Origin Pacific some years ago [before Origin Pacific went belly-up] as well as being available for passenger charter and freight operations at other times.

Fairchild SA227-CC, ZK-POE, operated by Airwork Flight Operations on behalf of Originair


minicooper said...

So this explains why I got to see a Metroliner the other afternoon! It was a scheduled Origion Air flight number too, but adifferet aircraft, ZK-POF

Rodney said...

Yeah, that'll be it!