Wednesday, April 25, 2018

D'Urville Island again

After a fun flight around Petone, Mana Island and Island Bay this afternoon, I got to head back to D'Urville Island with another club pilot.

It was a fantastic day for flying [as you'll see shortly]. After flying there and doing a few circuits, Pete got out with my camcorder and took some video of some of the action. Here are two of the landings. The other videos will take some time to process... so maybe over the next week or so if I find anything interesting to publish.

Anyway, both videos are well done, although next time I'll suggest to Pete he stands a little further away from the grass :-)


Bridget said...

Nice! I flew our club's C182 in there last Sunday since the weather was perfect for it. Anzac day I had a go at the Kaitoke strip with an instructor - it's a bit closer to home.

Rodney said...

Hi Bridget. yeah, it is nice. I love going out there for a blat. I haven't been into Kaitoke as yet - must tick that one off one day.

Have you been to Nopera in the Kenepuru Sound? Interesting place!