Sunday, April 08, 2018

Airliners at Wellington

Here are photos of three airliners at Wellington earlier today.

First up is the arrival of a Jetconnect-operated Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQH. Jetconnect is a subsidiary of Qantas, hence the livery.

Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQH, operated by Jetconnect/ Qantas
Next up is a departing Air Nelson Bombardier DHC-8-311, ZK-NEK.

Bombardier DHC-8-311, ZK-NEK, operated by Air Nelson/ Air New Zealand
Lastly, and stretching the definition of airliner somewhat :-), is this Cessna U206G, ZK-ENT. This is operated by Pelorus Air. In this case, it was heading off to Takaka - I understand that Pelorus Air is filling in for Golden Bay Air.

Cessna U206G, ZK-ENT, operated by Pelorus Air

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