Friday, June 08, 2018

The Edmonton Long Haul Visit # 1 - Westjet

In my recent visit to Canada, I had 4 domestic sectors. One of these was the fairly short Edmonton - Vancouver section at about 1.5 hours. I arrived at Edmonton Airport at 12:30 for a 14:30 flight. Unfortunately, this two-hour wait was extended to something closer to a long haul flight, when it was delayed, firstly to 15:30, then 19:30, then 20:30, then cancelled, followed by being put on another flight which departed, on time, at 19:05.

So, instead of 2 hours at the airport, it was more like 6.5 hours. To cap it off, my bag unexpectantly ended up on a later flight. Credit to Air Canada though, I got to Vancouver, my bag caught up with me, my pre-paid seat was refunded [without me asking for it] and they provided a discount voucher [which unfortunately I will not be able to use]. Can't imagine that airlines operating within NZ would do quite so well...

The benefit of this disruption was some extra time for photos. This will be the first of four posts with some of the photos I took.

Westjet is one of only two major players in the nationwide Canadian domestic market [happy to be corrected there!]. They fly mainly Boeing B737's and Bombardier DHC8 turboprops, some of which I photographed. They also have some B767's in operation [none seen] and some B787's on order. From smallest to biggest, here they are.

Bombardier DHC-8-402, C-GVWE, operated by Westjet
Next up are three Boeing 737 variants that I had not seen before going to Canada. Apart from perhaps the odd business jet, I don't know if any of these variants have ever been to New Zealand, particularly not the smaller two.

Boeing 737-6CT, C-GWSL, operated by Westjet

Boeing 737-7CT, C-GGWJ, operated by Westjet

Boeing 737-8, C-FRAX, operated by Westjet

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