Monday, January 21, 2019

Another Alliance Fokker at Wellington

Another Alliance Alines-operated Fokker F28-0070 [F70], VH-QQX, arrived at Wellington recently. It is rather unusual to have any Fokkers at Wellington these days, so to have two of them on the ground at Wellington from one airline is very unusual.

The aircraft was parked in front of the Execujet hanger and appeared to be having a service of some sort.

Fokker F70, VH-QQX, operated by Alliance Airlines

Fokker F70, VH-QQX, operated by Alliance Airlines


Andrew M said...

Was surprised to see the two of them there this afternoon. A comment on 3rd Level New Zealand suggests the second one flew over with a flap part for the first, which ties in with your observation about servicing. Rather an expensive courier, I would have thought.

Rodney said...

Yep, very expensive. Possibly cheaper though than bailing on their obligations to the tour group.

Tim Gorman said...

Nice to meet you in person that day Rodney.