Sunday, December 27, 2020

Air New Zealand operated Boeing 767's

A wee bit of aviation nostalgia here, with images of an old Air NZ advertising pamphlet, promoting the introduction of their new Boeing 767's, on routes between Wellington and Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, starting in September 1986! Several copies of the pamphlet were left at the aero club a week or so ago, so naturally I grabbed one of them.

A couple of interesting notes from the brochure:

  • Passenger seating was 220 passengers (18 business and 202 economy) - about the capacity of Air NZ's new Airbus A321's
  • Special passenger features on these new aircraft include stereophonic music and the inflight video system
  • Special features in the cockpit included six cathode ray tube screens
  • There were at most only six return flights between Wellington and the three Australian ports [mind you, that's six more than we have now with the Covid 19 border restrictions...]
  • Lastly, Air NZ were still using TExxx [instead of NZxxx] flight numbers

From memory, the B767's would have been the first Air New Zealand wide body aircraft with a two-crew cockpit [no longer requiring a flight engineer] and so incredibly advanced for it's age.

I had a couple of flights between Auckland and Melbourne on B767's. The Business Class consisted of recliner seats in those days, which wouldn't even pass for Premium Economy these days. How things have changed!

Anyway, here are the photos.

If anyone has any additional details on these flights, that would be appreciated!

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