Saturday, January 31, 2009

Airbus A380 Cockpit - Interactive Panorama

I don't often post links to other people's content, but I could not resist this one! It's an interactive panorama view of the Airbus A380 cockpit. Wow! You can zoom in and out and view any part of the cockpit including behind the crew seats.

The aircraft itself appears to be F-WWEA.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rodney, its actually an A380, Im sure you new that! Glenn B. WAC

Rodney said...

Hi GLenn,

Darn! Obviously I had A320 on the brain for some reason! Thanks for pointing out the [horrible] typo :-) All corrected now.



PD said...

Nice cockpit. very technical by the looks of it

Martin Scharnke said...

THat's very impressive. For the fliers out there (not me!) a question or two: are there manual controls? It looks like pedals and some sort of handle for each seat, plus the joystick.

Also, I noted screen at the centre of the console just above the throttles. It appears to show a tail mounted CCTV camera. Can anyone confirm this, and whether other cameras are installed and where? Just for curiosity.

Rodney said...

Hi Martin,

There are people out there who will know much much much more than me, but here's my best effort:

Manual controls? Not that I am aware of - everything is fly by wire [FBW], even the backup systems. No control cable runs direct from the controls to the control surfaces.

The screen? As far as I am aware, there are cameras in the tail and in/near the nose gear.

The extra handles? Not sure :-)