Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wings Over Wairarapa # 14: Microlights

Masterton has a healthy range of homebuilt and microlight aircraft. While the airshow did not appear to be designed for showing off these aircraft, I did get a few photos of these types. There were also a couple of gyrocopters and various other "lighties" on display, but I was too busy photographing on the flightline and resting in the shade to get the others :-).

Good websites for looking in to the New Zealand microlight and homebuilt aircraft scene are the Sport Aircraft Association and the Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand.

Top to bottom are:

Jodel D.11, ZK-EER
Tecnam P96 Golf, ZK-TSC
Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300, ZK-CJN
Taylor Monoplane U/L, ZK-FNR

Jodel D.11, ZK-EERTecnam P96 Golf, ZK-TSCAlpi Aviation Pioneer 300, ZK-CJNTaylor Monoplane U/L, ZK-FNR


Nicks BIGSKY Aviation said...

The Taylor belongs to Richard Maxwell from Cheviot. If you know that song been everywhere man well he has and does all the time that lil puppy has done 1800 hours in 2 YEARS.........

Nicks BIGSKY Aviation said...

By the way the Jodel is not in the Microlite Class it is in the GA side of things although watch this space..........