Saturday, January 24, 2009

Visit to Omaka: Omaka aircraft

Here are a few of the aircraft that I spotted at Omaka. There were quite a few others that I didn't get to photograph, but such is life. What you'll notice from all of the photographs is the complete lack of cloud. On the other hand, it was quite hot [26 deg celsius, perhaps higher where we were], so the sunscreen was applied quite liberally. What a fantastic day!

- ZK-VNE is a Cessna 182Q, registered to Southshore Marine Holdings in Christchurch.
- ZK-JCI is a Cessna 172N, and registered to what looks to be a family trust with an Australian address. It doesn't look like it has moved for a while either...
- ZK-PJB is a Cessna U206G, registered to Te Kouka Limited of a Dannevirke address.
- ZK-POR is a Porterfield 35-70 [a new type for me], registered to a Spring Creek address [where ever that is...]. It may have a new owner by now as it was to be auctioned today.
- ZK-PAM is a Cessna 172K, registered to Marlborough Aero Club.
- ZK-WNR is a Tecnam P2002 Sierra, also registered to Marlborough Aero Club.
- ZK-TZT is a Gippsland GA8, registered to Izard Pacific Aviation Ltd of Springhill [north of Auckland]. This aircraft used to be part of the Sounds Air fleet and was used as part payment for a new Cessna Caravan - what it is still doing down here, I do not know.
- ZK-??? is a Nanchang of an unknown registration.

Cessna 182Q, ZK-VNE, Southshore Marine HoldingsCessna 172N, ZK-JCICessna U206G, ZK-PJB, Te Kouka LtdPorterfield 35-70, ZK-PORCessna 172K, ZK-PAM, Marlborough Aero ClubTecnam P2002 Sierra, ZK-WNR, Marlborough Aero ClubGippsland GA8, ZK-TZT, Izard Pacific Aviation LtdNanchang


nzompilot said...

ZK-VNE and ZK-JCI are both long time Omaka residents despite their foreign ownership.

ZK-POR and Nanchang 02 were both on the block at the auction today. Cant help with the Nanchang rego sorry.

Spring Creek is a small town about 8km north of Blenheim on SH1 to Picton

More on TZT shortly on my blog

zkarj said...

You'd know where Spring Creek was if you didn't fly everywhere! :-)
ZK-TZT was noted at Wellington on Monday last (anniversary day).

Rodney said...

ZK-ARJ - yeah, you're probably right there !

As an update, it appears as though ZK-TZT may still be being used by Sounds Air at the moment.

PD said...

Cessna 182P ZK-FOG is also owned by Te Kouka Limited - also based out of dannevirke. FOG is out on the weekends mainly and sometimes during the week.