Saturday, January 24, 2009

Visit to Omaka: There and back, North American Harvard

I had the pleasure of another trip to Omaka airfield in the heart of the Marlborough region today. For once, I was the SLF*, so David got to do the flying. David did a good job of getting us there and back safely ["thanks!"]. It was a fantastic day for a flight - not too much turbulance, awesome visibility and fantastic scenary!

Another good thing was finally meeting Craig of Marlborough Aviation Scene fame. We've left messages and exchanged emails from time to time, so it was good to finally meet.

Like last time, there was a visit to the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre based at Omaka aerodrome. I have to say that the second visit was just as good as the first one. There's always something new to be seen and learned - well worth the NZD$20 [around USD$10, more or less] entry. The museum is full of World War One era aircraft - many original as well as replica, including a wide range of aircraft built or refurbished by The Vintage Aviator [who are based in Wellington]. Check out their website - it is incredible what these genius' are doing!

While there we saw what looked to be an immaculate North American Harvard landing and parking. I was able to get up nice and close [along with other people who were there at an auction] to get some pictures.

The following pictures are that immaculate Harvard - my next post will include the some of the other aircraft I spotted around the place. BTW - I'm not sure of the registration, so if anyone can drop me a comment, that would be appreciated.

North American Harvard 3*North American Harvard 3*North American Harvard 3*North American Harvard 3*

*SLF - Self Loading Freight, AKA Passenger


Blue Bus said...

There is a small US registration under the tailplane. Cannot clearly read it from your shots.
A North American T6G registered N4269P, which I haven't seen for a few years, used to reside at Motueka. The colour scheme looks familiar, but the name on the nose is new to me.
The owner I originally had as Bill and Marcia Hun out of Mesa, Arizona. A quick look at the FAA site shows it now listed to Macia L Hane of Mesa AZ since 05-12-2006. (different spelling).
Can you have a closer look at your original pic and confirm the registration please ??

Rodney said...

Hello Blue Bus,

You are correct, it is N4269P, nice spotting!