Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wings Over Wairarapa # 15: The End

Finally we come to the end of the show.

Over the past few days, these posts have generated a number of comments, so here's what I think.

Highlights? The Yak 52 displays had to be right up there and along with the Corsair, the MX2 and RNZAF displays, that's my top 4.

Lowlights? No Spitfire [ended up on it's belly 2 days beforehand], no RNZAF B757 or P3K Orion [not sure why...]

Was it worth going? Yes, absolutely! Despite a few aircraft not flying or turning up, it was still well worth the [bumpy but] easy flight and fairly inexpensive entry to the show. There was still plenty to keep me occupied, including a few other displays I haven't mentioned yet.

Would I like a better camera? Ha ha! Yes, definately, but that will have to wait for now :-)

Anyway, here's a few final pictures - a couple that I missed off the other posts, and a few extras that didn't seem to fit in elsewhere. Enjoy the pictures, and thanks for coming to visit.

I'd especially like to thank the good people at Indy Transponder for highlighting my posts on their site [and it's not the first time, thanks!]. Indy Transponder is a great place to get an aggregated view of aviation news from around the world and links back to the source sites.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the spectacular photographs - most enjoyable!

If you would like to see some from GVFWE (and others), please drop by


Be warned, there are other, non-aviation photographs and content as well, but you can always do a content search!


Rodney said...

Hello "Short Finals",

Thank you for your kind comments! I've taken a look at your site and I'm suitably impressed :-) I've added a link back on my Blog Roll of Honour.



zkarj said...

Reading your final summary I'm not sure if I am as happy with the show as you are.

I had equipped myself to take approximately 1100 photos, given that I had managed 700+ at the previous show even after curtailing my attendance by two hours (the last two where all the action happens). I fully expected to take over 900 shots this time.

In the end I took 568. The reasons being that many of the aircraft went aloft two, three or even four times during the day, so much of it wasn't "new" from a photographic perspective. And then some of the earlier displays were rather distant and high.

I see the SE5a replicas got airborne on Sunday, which would have added to the list, but no 757, P3 or Spitfire was a major omission of three real drawcards.

Rodney said...


Yes, your criticism is fair enough.

I guess what I'm saying is that if those three aircraft had turned up, none of us would have been upset. Also, if the wind had not picked up, there would have been more WW1 aircraft flying.

However, the criticism is fair enough.

BTW - Did you get any pictures on the Saturday of the Kiwi Blue parachutist who had to cut away and deploy the reserve?