Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Classic Fighters 2009 #16: Bristol Freighter

This Bristol Freighter used to be operated by SAFE Air [as ZK-CPT] when they operated, rather than just maintain, aircraft. For many years, this aircraft was parked up at Omaka gather dust and rust. Recently however, with a bit of TLC and some engineering expertise, the aircraft was put into a "taxiable" condition, and the engines were started up again.

I was able to stick my head up into the cockpit and get some photos [they're not very good, sorry]. It's fair to say that there was little or no consideration given to ergonomics in those days :-)

There seems to be no chance the the aircraft will fly again, and looking at the smoke coming out of the right hand engine, I somehow doubt that it will taxi around much either, still it was good to see.

Anyway, here are the photos. The first is of the aircraft on static display. The next two are of the cockpit. The next is of the aircraft taxiing out [look, no smoke], and the last two are of the right-hand engine generating copious quantities of smoke :-(. Still, it was awesome to see it moving along with its big noisy :-) engines!


PD said...

I like the old bristol freighter. Much better than turboprops and jets!

Anonymous said...

The oil problem was relatively minor in the end, and the engine is runnning much better now apparently

Rodney said...

Well that's good to hear! Maybe we will see it running around in the future after all!