Sunday, April 19, 2009

Piper and the Duke

After my trip to Takaka earlier today, I arrived back to see a couple of visitors on the ground at Wellington. The first was a Piper PA28-151, ZK-DSK, operated by Massey Aviation in Palmerston North.

The second [and far more interesting] aircraft is a Beechcraft B-60 Duke, N60TE, registered to Nolan Aviation in Colorado. What is interesting is that according to the FAA website, this aircraft is operated under a classification of Special Flight Permit, category Operate Excess of Maximum Weight. I'm not sure what [beyond the obvious!] this means in practical terms, or why it would need to. Anyone have any ideas?


PD said...


Inregards to the FAA permit, my guess is it was for its delivery flight to New Zealand. My not sure 100% sure on this though.


Jase said...

The Duke is based in Dunedin, has been for quite a few months now. Not sure why it hasn't been added to the NZ register though.

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Rodney said...


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Anonymous said...

excess max weight to carry all that fuel for direct flights back to Colorado :)