Saturday, April 04, 2009

WAC Open Day 2009 #1: Introduction

Today we had the Wellington Aero Club [WAC] Open Day for 2009. As always it's a LOT of hard work for all concerned, but it worked out well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

A highlight for every WAC open day would have to be the range of aircraft that are made available, along with the range of assistance provided by various airport workers [Wellington is an international airport so security is always a consideration].

Over the next few days I'll load up some more images, but here are a few teaser shots that cover off the wide range of aircraft present, from basic trainers such as the Piper PA38-112 Tomahawk, various rescue/air ambulance types, ex-military, right through to the Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300. I'll highlight the range of types later, but see if you can work it out from the following photos.


PD said...


That looks like a good day out.

The life flight metro and westpac helicopter must have still be on for emergencies? If they had then imagine the speed og the crews to get airborne.


Rodney said...

The Westpac Rescue helicopter did in fact get called out, and yes, as the saying goes, they were slicker than greased lightening!

Obviously provision was made to be able to get the helicopter, the metro and airport fire/rescue boat out in a hurry if required.

Thanks for your comment :-)