Saturday, June 07, 2008

Auckland Quick Visit #5: Auckland International: Postal

A visit to Auckland would hardly be complete without a visit to New Zealand's largest airport and a few photos. What struck me most was that during the time I was photographing [approx 1500 - 1645 hrs], the vast majority of the traffic was Air New Zealand [and subsidiaries], with very few others, including Qantas, Pacific Blue and others. Of the others, this and the next few in the series will show the highlights.

Like last time, most of these were taken from the next parking building in front of the domestic terminals.

The following pictures are of ZK-POH, a Fokker F27-500, registered to Airwork Holdings. This aircraft is used to transport mail/freight around the place for NZ Post [that's the NZ Post logo on the tail]. What was surprising was that the first of the photos is from its departure and the second after landing about 10 minutes later. No fire engines out, so I suppose it must have been a test flight or similar.

I remember flying from Wanganui to Auckland on an F27 many many years ago. Noisy is probably the best thing that could be said :-). They have been known as The Converter due to their advanced ability to convert jet fuel into noise!

NZ Post/Airwork Fokker F27 FriendshipNZ Post/Airwork Fokker F27 Friendship

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