Sunday, June 01, 2008

Simulated Instrument Flight

I went up for a flight today in a Piper PA28-181 for some simulated I/F. I hadn't done any for a while, and so knew that I would be somewhat rusty... as it turns out that was probably an understatement :-), but that I guess is why we practice these things. After a couple of turns and some straight and level, I did manage to do a good impersonation of someone almost holding it together. My safety pilot at least had a good chuckle!

It is a very weird sensation to have your your head saying that you're straight and level, or even turning right, and those dumb instruments on the panel [what would they know?] saying you're turn left and descending. The instruments were right. Every time :-) PEBCAC [Problem Exists Between Chair and Controls?]. Ok, so once I got a bit more practice, and worked out that the artificial horizon [AH] was not much cop for keeping level, I started using the vertical speed indicator [VSI] more and that helped a bit.

All in all, a good flight with 1.1 hours total with 0.4 of simulated I/F.

Why only 0.4 I/F? Well, we had about 0.3 waiting on the ground. For some reason it got very busy, with the usual scheduled traffic, plus a formation of 6 [yes, 6!] RNZAF UH-1H Iroquois helicopters coming in, an Air Nelson DHC Dash-8 forced to go around, a navaid calibration aircraft hanging around, and 4 of us "lighties" all wanting to go for a flight. Still, the sight of 6 air force choppers setting down at one time is pretty awesome :-) Sorry, no photos - too busy with runups and other things.

The choppers were there as part of the tribute events to Vietnam veterans, including today a memorial service at the National War Memorial and a celebration at the Basin Reserve [cricket ground].

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