Saturday, June 07, 2008

Auckland Quick Visit #8: Auckland International: Night Shots

Getting good photographs at night time can be notoriously difficult with the need for vastly lengthened shutter speeds making a tripod, or some other mechanism for holding the camera still pretty much essential.

Add to this the difficulty of light reflections when shooting from behind glass and it almost makes me want to give up trying!

Last night however, I decided to give it another go. I had the worst of all worlds - night time, reflective glass and no tripod. I did however manage to get some very good shots with some nifty improvisation and playing with the night shot/dim light settings [which provided for a 4 second shutter speed and some noise reduction]. Placing the lens hard against the glass served two purposes. Firstly, it eliminated the reflections from the glass and secondly it served as an excellent proxy for a tripod.

Anyway, now to the pictures. The first two are similar except for the Lan A340 taxying past.

Night time AirbridgeNight time AirbridgeNight time Airbridge with Air New Zealand B737


zkarj said...

Well done! These are superb!

Rodney said...