Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Emirates A380 "Zoo" at Christchurch

Last Sunday I was at Christchurch airport. While there, I was able to obtain pictures of an Emirates-operated Airbus A380-861, A6-EEQ, as it landed on a lovely Canterbury day.

First up is the A380 on short final approach, with a special extra [retired] aircraft, a Fokker F27 Friendship, which is used as an airport fire rescue training tool.

Airbus A380-861, A6-EEQ, operated by Emirates

Airbus A380-861, A6-EEQ, operated by Emirates
Lastly, here's the zoo!

Airbus A380-861, A6-EEQ, operated by Emirates


Bruce said...

Special photo that I was on that flight. Smoothest flight I've ever been on. I also do rescue fire search and rescue training on the F27.

Rodney said...

Hello Bruce,

That A380 is one of the aircraft I have not yet flown on... it looked great coming in though :-)

What is the inside of the F27 like these days? I assume it is all stripped out to the bare essentials?



Martin Scharnke said...

Almost like Noah's ark ... do the airline know something we don't?

Also interesting to note only the inboard engines have reversers.

Anonymous said...

Please report on factual information. The aircraft is not a F27 but a Fairchild FH227! Which was operated once by Continental Micronesia,
On inspection the aircraft was WFU.