Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Ballast and Piloting

No, this is not some lecture of the value of ballast in aeroplanes...

Yesterday evening I was invited to go flying... ballast was wanted for a MAUW [Maximum All Up Weight] check in a Piper PA34-100 Seneca, ZK-ROC. This would be my third ride in the twin as ballast. There are clearly a number of people who think I'm good for weighing down an aircraft :-).

Many thanks Rochelle* for inviting my along for the ride.. very enjoyable as always [and congrats on the multi rating!]... maybe one day I should do a rating in this thing myself... maybe.

Later in in the day I took the Club's Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT up for a fly - north to the Hutt Valley, then down the western coastline for a Sinclair Arrival [think Island Bay] and some circuits. All up, a one hour flight in smooth conditions and also great fun. Just a pity the aircraft is not equipped for night flying right now or I would have taken it up for an evening flight also...

Pictures are from the Seneca flight. Enjoy!

Wellington City, looking West over Evans Bay Marina

Wellington CBD

The old [closed] Mount Crawford Prison at the northern end of the Mirimar Peninsula

* No, not my sister...!

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