Friday, December 28, 2012

Hamilton Airport and on the way home

As mentioned in my last post, I was at Hamilton Airport earlier today in preparation for my trip home on the Mount Cook Airline ATR72, ZK-MCB.

While there I managed to snap a few photos across the airport, including of Waikato Aero Club, CTC and the control tower. One perplexing question was a marking on the apron [see first photo] which I hope someone can help me with. Painted on the apron are "737", "A320" [both obvious], but also "O 300". Can anyone help with that last one?

Anyway, the airborne photos are of the trip home. A little bit lumpy in places, but nothing to worry about. We cruised back at 18,000', and there were a few clouds around at altitude.


Rodney said...

Maybe it is "Q300", as in DHC-8?

Allister said...

I was just going to suggest exactly that. The tick on the Q would fall where the channel runs, making it difficult to see.

Rodney said...

Yeah ok. I spent ages trying to work out what it could be [the original picture was upside down also]. :-)