Saturday, December 08, 2012

Morane-Saulnier MS880B visits today

Today's "less usual visitor" is this Morane-Saulnier MS880B, ZK-BZZ. Last time I checked [way back in 2009], this aircraft was registered to a Nelson address. Unfortunately with changes to the CAA website, this information has been removed, so I can no longer be sure.

Another aircraft was this British Aerospace Jetstream 32, ZK-VAI, registered to Vincent Aviation, and undergoing engine checks/ runups today. This is the first time I have photographed this aircraft, and it appears to be a recent addition to the register having previously been on the Australian register. Looks like it arrived early November and has had a repaint since then.

Lastly, I was able to get up for a few circuits today. Several landings and a few overshoots. A lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pic of BZZ glad to see its in good hands .
Gained my PPL in this aircraft in Masterton .
Tested by Harold Bennett

Rodney said...

No worries! It's a nice looking aircraft, and always good to see something a little different from the usual!

Marko said...

Why do you need to look up who owns it?

If I owned a plane I wouldn't want random bloggers looking up my details and publishing it on their blogs.

Just saying....

Rodney said...

That's a good point Marko.

A lot of people find it interesting where aircraft are based. I have made it a policy of not publishing individual's names and addresses though. Just a town/ city for individuals.

Thanks for your comment.



Marko said...

Fair enough, looking through your blog I'd agree that you spare the details on who owns what.

Nice blog by the way.

Rodney said...

Thanks Marko.

I'd be quite happy with the town/ city most of the time.