Friday, February 14, 2020

HBBPC 2020 - Cessna taildraggers

In this final planned post from the Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs for 2020 [the final planned post, but I might put one or two more up later...] I have photos of some of the Cessna taildraggers that competed.

First up is a Cessna 185, ZK-CAK, which is registered to a Wakefield address.

Cessna 185, ZK-CAK
ZK-BYJ is a Cessna 180C and is registered to an Oamaru address. I understand that in a past life it was operated by Mount Cook Airlines [happy to be corrected on that if I'm mistaken].

Cessna 180C, ZK-BYJ
Lastly, ZK-BJX is a beautifully presented Cessna 180, with is registered to Palms on George of a Pukekohe address.

Cessna 180, ZK-BJX

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