Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remembrance Day 2008 # 2: Stampe SV.4

Here are a number of pictures of the Stampe SV.4. I'm not too familiar with this type, although as one commentator [at the flying display] stated, it looks similar to an DH82A [Tiger Moth]. Perhaps, if you don't look to closely at the tail, the wings or the fuselage [did I miss anything?] :-)

The aircraft was put through its paces several times during the day. Here are some of the pictures, including takeoff, in formation with the Tiger Moth, during the ribbon cutting demonstration, and a few other pictures. If you look closely at the pictures you'll notice that the pilot is sitting there without a headset or helmet [but at least with a windscreen]. This looks like real flying! Wikipedia has some more information on this type.

Stampe SV.4Stampe SV.4Stampe SV.4 and DH82A Tiger MothStampe SV.4Stampe SV.4Stampe SV.4

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Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

Hey Rodney the Main diff from the Tiger to the Stamp is the Stamp has Ailerons on all wings the Tiger only has on lower wing.