Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remembrance Day 2008 # 9: Bristol F.2B Fighter

The last of the World War One aircraft on display was the Bristol F.2B Fighter. The Bristol Fighter was a fairly long-living aircraft with production starting in 1917 and continuing until 1927, with retirement from the RAF five years later in 1932.

The aircraft was employed in fighter and reconnaissance roles - you'll notice from the pictures that there is space for two occupants, the rear occupant having a Vickers machine gun [the detail on these aircraft was amazing!].

On to the pictures. In the first formation picture, the Fighter is leading the 3 Se5a aircraft and after landing you can see the Se5a's and the Fokker D.VII in formation in the background.

Bristol F.2B FighterBristol F.2B FighterBristol F.2B FighterBristol F.2B Fighter and three Se5a aircraftBristol F.2B Fighter, 3x Se5a and 1 Fokker D.VIIBristol F.2B Fighter

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