Sunday, November 02, 2008

A trip to Masterton: The Lancair and other civil types

After yesterday's horrible weather, today dawned fine - sunshine and light winds. Awesome!

I was out at the Aero Club and was privileged to be able to have a ride over to Masterton in a Neico Aviation Lancair 320, ZK-VDQ [a very descriptive rego if you ask me...!]. With a 180 knot cruise it took no time at all to get to Masterton [or back]. It was an awesome flight :-).

Photos in this post are the Lancair, and some of the other local aircraft that I spotted. My next post will show the range of [mostly] World War One aircraft that were sitting or flying around.

Top to bottom are:

Neico Aviation Lancair 320, ZK-VDQ
Vans RV3, ZK-WHO
Piper PA25-235 Pawnee, ZK-SUG
Tecnam P2002 Sierra, ZK-MVT

Neico Aviation Lancair 320, ZK-VDQVans RV-3 UL, ZK-WHOPiper PA-25-235 Pawnee, ZK-SUG, Wellington Gliding ClubTecnam P2002 Sierra, ZK-MVT

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