Sunday, November 16, 2008

Air2There and from where?

Yesterday [Saturday] was the day to go to Masterton/Hood Aerodrome for the Remembrance Day WW1 Flying Display. Needless to say, the weather went from fine one day to windy the next and things were not looking good.

After dragging myself out of bed, I ended up at the Aero Club around 10:30am with my flight gear, but still thinking that it was a no go.

While waiting, I managed to capture some pictures of two aircraft and a visitor from New Plymouth Aero Club [NPAC].

The air2there aircraft are a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, ZK-MYH and a Piper PA31, ZK-WHW. The NPAC visitor is a Cessna A152 [aerobat], ZK-JDB.

After all this, we did end up going to the flying display, which was AWESOME - more details in my next series of posts!, Cessna C208B Grand Caravan,, Piper PA31, ZK-WHWNew Plymouth Aero Club, Cessna A152, ZK-JDB

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