Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remembrance Day 2008 # 10: Curtis P-40E Kittyhawk

While Remembrance Day is all about the signing of the armistice which came into effect on 11/11/1918, there were a couple of aircraft in the flying display that are not associated with World War One.

The most obvious of these was the Curtis P-40E Kittyhawk. It's incredible to think that in the space of 20 years or so we went from bi-planes [and tri-planes], open cockpits, wood and cloth construction and rotary engines to monoplanes with closed cockpits, mainly metal construction [yes, I am aware of the mighty Hurricane, but still!], oxygen systems and over 1000hp.

The P40 [in all its various models] was flown by air forces from around the planet, including the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and, as shown in this example, in China, as well as with various American and other allied units.

I only managed one reasonable airborne picture [it's a little faster then the other aircraft on show...]. Enjoy anyway!

Curtis P-40E KittyhawkCurtis P-40E KittyhawkCurtis P-40E Kittyhawk

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