Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remembrance Day 2008 # 3: Pfalz DIII

The Pfalz DIII was a German fighter aircraft and to my mind one of the more streamlined aircraft of World War One [note the rounded fuselage]. As with all the other aircraft, this one put on a nice display both by itself and in conjunction with the other aircraft.

What is amazing with this and many of the other aircraft and pilots of the Great War is what they had to put up with. The Pfalz DIII had a ceiling of 17,000 feet - some others could reach above 20,000 feet - in an open cockpit with no supplemental oxygen. These days we are not allowed above 13,000 feet without oxygen at all, and even then, I'd want to be wrapped up warm and/or have a decent heating system! Combine that with having to be alert enough to fight and it would have to have been a harsh existence!

Enjoy the pictures. Notice the simulated dogfight with the Nieuport XI about to take the Pfalz DIII out from behind.

Pfalz DIIIPfalz DIIIPfalz DIIIPfalz DIII and Nieuport XI

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